History of GarFen.cz

GarFen.cz is based on fusion of manufacture Horak and Dvorak.
Started with production of garden accessories and furniture. In the year 2003 interested in small steel constructions and special weldings.
The current production and development of waste compactores and presses began in 2014. In first two years we made 75 compactors for company Lidl CR.
In year 2006 new buildings and their reconstruction started and also system of quality ISO 9001 was introduced. The screw compactors were successfully presented on Scandinavian market.
In the year 2007 GarFen.cz became holder of the certificate for prodouction and montage of steel halls and constructions according ČSN 73 2601 and new plant with this specialization was opened.
Now we produce the engineering products for building industry, raillings, highway and road portals, steel constructions according customers drawings and of course compactors for waste, balers and container.