HLS Hydraulic static machine

HLS Hydraulic static machine

Our screw compactors helps you to decrease the costs of treatment, storage and transport of waste.




The machine compacts municipal waste - paper, PET bottles, foils, leftovers, polystyrene packaging parts, etc.


The compactor is stationary it means that the machine is  imbedded to surface and connected to the swap container with the ratchets. After fullfilment the conatiner is carried away and emptied. The repeated placement is ensured with help of guiding rails which can be supplied together with the machine.


The compaction is ensured by hydraulic unit with power 5,5kW. The pressing wall is 1900x600mm.


The machine can stand directly in the store or any other room and outside of the building too.The throw in can be made from front or from sides.

The high of throw in is variable. The machine can be manipulate from ground, ramp and from a building - hole in the wall.


Technical details:

Hydraulic unit:                5,5 kW

Control:                        electric

Weight:                        3100Kg      

Container size:              from 20m3 to 30m3

Elektro:                       400 V



The machines are standartly equiped with:

automatic reverse

indication of 80% and 100% fullfilment


The special equipment can be ordered:

photocell start

sms messages

vizual and acustic signalization

electric lid opener

movable hook

service timer

central lubrication

integrated or external binlift