PL 40-70 Baler

PL 40-70  Baler

Our screw compactors helps you to decrease the costs of treatment, storage and transport of waste.



BALER  40 a 70



The standing balers which compact PAP or PET, plastic foils, etc. into a packages. The waste is thrown inside the machine through a door and after pressing the button it is compacted. The package can have different size depending on type of the baler - 40 measurements 600x350x700mm or type 70 measurements 800x500x1000mm. The packages can be then placed on palette and easily transport.


Technical details:


Hydraulic unit:                        from 1,1 kW

Control:                                 electrical

Weight of the baler:                 from 200kg

Measurements of package:        from 600x350x700mm

Electro:                                 400V